Listen, track, and communicate with the world’s first, ergonomically designed, truly wireless hearable’s.

The DUBUDS Product Range is designed as a lightweight, hearable technology with which to give a rich, fuller sound that allows you to enjoy every beat, every word and every song whether doing outdoor activities, exercise or simply listening for pleasure.

Our ergonomically designed DUBUDS bring comfort and confidence with a choice of fitting with DUBUDS Snug, DUBUDS Fit and DUBUDS Lifestyle.   The sleek contours of each Earbud have been designed to fit the “cup” outside the external auditory canal.   DUBUDS Snug fit the average to larger persons ear.   DUBUDS Fit are 25% smaller in size and fit the smaller to below average ear size.

Our water-resistant DUBUDS can be used for up to 10 metres from your mobile phone.   The push button DUBUDS technology allows you to manage your music by pausing, forwarding your music on to the next track and to answer phone calls.  The In-built High Definition microphone allows you to hold crisp and clear voice calls.

The compact, magnetized, chargeable case ensures your DUBUDS can be charged for up to 12 hours.